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The maximally deployable modular city

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Tay Kheng Soon is a practising architect and academic, who has spent many years thinking about cities and urbanism. Here, he proposes a possible solution to the problems resulting from the unconstrained growth of megacities due to the rural poor migrating to them and slums developing at their fringes.


The solution he proposes is the construction of modular cities: high density, high tech, urban environments, occupying 1 square kilometre, housing 100,000 people. By having the services and motorised vehicles at ground level and constructing the city above the roads, an entirely car-free urban environment is created, where there are only pedestrians and bicycles on the streets.


Key to the modular city is a degree of autonomy and self sufficiency in energy, food, water and waste recycling through the use of new technology, currently under development, but possibly close to realisation.


Source: The Peregrinating Penguin


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SMA Commentary: The video in the article is long but presents some interesting concepts. How are mega-cities likely to change in the next decade or two? How rapidly will smart cities evolve around the globe?



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